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Online face-to-face interactive learning. Specialized online tutoring for children from 1st-12th grades from the comfort of your own home.

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We have hired great tutors to develop an online teaching and support service for your child. All our tutors are hand picked, monitored and trained to deliver the best possible service.

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Our service enables children to target individual needs and effortlessly collaborate with tutors in a safe virtual classroom. Independent work set by schools will not be sufficient – children need face-to-face teaching, explanations, and interaction. 


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My daughter has been attending the Tutor 11 plus programme for a while now. She has really enjoyed the lessons which are tailored specifically for the programme. Homework is set and my daughter works through it well.
We are extremely grateful to all the tutors for the help they gave to Marla in the run up to her entrance exam. She went into the exam with greater confidence and really felt like the tuition helped a lot. She has found the teaching style great.
My thanks go out to Tutors for the support and patience of the staff and teachers especially at this time. The technical help we have had has been amazing. Although just three times a week my child looks forward to her sessions.

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